Touch me with your eyes is a multimedia project based on Jane’s recent cancer diagnosis. The project is based on 3D portraits and journal excerpts I collected whilst staying with Jane during chemotherapy treatments.

Originally, I was captivated with the idea that two pictures taken from a slightly different angle could converge into a single three-dimensional image. In this series, the medium expresses that different perspectives must be considered to bring out the depth of a situation. 3D imagery is a closer representation of how our vision operates - a more real recollection of the ‘events’ per say.

Touch me with your eyes encourages the viewers to use perceptive senses to immerse themselves in an uncomfortable situation. They are invited to observe and examine the photographs in a quasi-scientific manner to reveal medical procedures and intimacy. The title is an analogy for suppressing the tactile element; touching a person with a weak immune system must be done meticulously and with care.

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