‘Seeking the whole picture’ investigates how realities and identities are constituted through perception. The visual outcome consists of three-dimensional photographic sculptures. Seen from a specific angle, the sculptures take the appearance of fragmented floating images, with a shift of perspective the portraits are perceived as whole and display young people embarking on a Prince’s Trust’s self-development programme.

I used anamorphic principles to conceptualise a philosophy of seeing with ‘perception and understanding’ as opposed to superficially. The project draws on the notions that multiple realities could coexist. The artwork invites the passivity of spectatorship to open up to activity; the viewers are prompted to engage with the sculpture to find the sweet-spots in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together to reveal an explicit image.

Exhibition held at Waltham Forest College in October 2023 as part of the Creating Futures: Arts, Heritage, Community.